Reasons for Hiring Professional Waterproofing Contractors in Toronto

Residential, commercial and industrial properties in Toronto can be easily protected from seepage by hiring a professional waterproofing contractor Toronto. There’re quite a few reasons for availing the services of a professional contractor. First of all, it is quite hard to complete a rewarding task in the absence of appropriate info, knowledge and skill set. Furthermore, completing the task in the absence of appropriate info and knowledge could finish up devastating the property additionally. To avert such a condition, a professional contractor (with experience and good reputation) can be hired for the job.

Also, such kind of task needs specific materials and equipment. The professional contractors have access to the materials, tools and equipment that are needed to complete the task properly and efficiently. Thus, it could be quite hard to perform the task efficiently without knowledge, experience and availability of appropriate materials. Such prerequisites are automatically fulfilled by availing the services of a professional contractor.

In case the issue of water seepage isn’t treated promptly, it could lead to damage and issues such as flooding in the basement, mosquito infestation, etc. Therefore, it’s imperative to waterproof the property beforehand. Professional contractors know the task quite well and are able to waterproof the basement and additional parts of the property in time. Getting in touch with a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced contractor is important because of the following factors.

Cause identification

Determining the main cause(s) of water seepage could be a time consuming process. However, availing the services of a well-known and reliable contractor saves time as they’ve experience, expertise and are adept in identifying the source(s) and cause(s) of seepage promptly.

Thorough inspection

They conduct comprehensive inspection prior to initiating the work. Inspection is done in order to determine the issue and its real cause(s). Once the contractor’s workforce has determined the cause of seepage, they provide property owners with all inclusive cost estimates.

Quality Assurance

Professional contractors, first of all, identify the source(s) of issue and then prepare a planned series of actions. Generally, their workforce has an onsite quality assurance manager or administrator to make certain that the task is performed as per the planned series of actions. Moreover, the administrator looks after the quality of work as well as materials utilized in the project.

Long-run advantages

Although availing the services of an experienced contractor could appear to be expensive during that period of time, hiring them is going to be advantageous in the long run. A contractor with considerable amount of experience and updated knowledge of the domain is quite helpful in resolving the issue for good. Their solutions are intended to keep basements and other parts of the

property dry and waterproof throughout the years. Furthermore, they complete the projects quite efficiently and within the specified time limit.

They not only know how water gets into a house, but also have concrete knowledge of foundation waterproofing method. In foundation waterproofing method, protective waterproof membrane is applied to the exterior of the basement foundation wall in order to prevent water from getting into the interior of the cellar. The contractors also have knowledge and access to the most up-to-date advancements in their forte.

What Causes Water Seepage in Basement & How to Take Care of It?

Water seepage in basement is a common occurrence nowadays. The situation is common; however, the occurrence could lead to uncommon and undesirable issues, such as flooding in basement, leaky & wet basement, etc. Also, the occurrence could lead to mosquito, mould and mildew infestation. Furthermore, constant contact with seeped water could cause damage to the integrity of the foundation as well as the appliances, furniture & goods kept in the underground room.

Wet & leaky basement not only causes damage to the property but also leads to a number of health associated issues. Wet air generally results in the growth of fungi such as mould. Such incidences along with prolonged contact with mould (breathing in mould spores) could lead to respiratory issues as well as health associated problems such as a cough, sneezing, constant fever, throat irritation, eye problems, etc.

The situation of seepage in the cellar is generally caused by a multitude of reasons. The potential causes of the situation are listed below.

  • Cracks in basement foundation walls
  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • Weeping tiles not draining or working
  • Leaky pipes
  • Leaking window well
  • Condensation on pipes in cellar
  • Improper grading
  • Inappropriate surface drainage
  • Leaky or clogged gutters
  • Downspouts draining close to the foundation
  • Sewage backup

Despite the causes, it is essential to deal with the situation promptly. Basement waterproofing is one of the most appropriate and effective techniques to stop and prevent water seepage into the cellar.  It keeps the basement as well as the entire property dry. It is one of the most efficient techniques of routing water from the exterior, thus, averting water seepage in the cellar and its effects.

The technique includes an arrangement of installing drainage systems and applying sealers. Along with waterproofing, there’re certain techniques that are utilized to fix leaky pipes and repair leaking cracks in basement walls. These techniques are intended to stop and prevent water seepage into basement.

The Implementer

Furthermore, the aforementioned techniques and their procedures are known to us. We, DryShield, are well aware of the abovementioned techniques, their procedures, implementations, applications and advantages. Also, we’ve been in the business for more than 25 years.

Apart from the experience and knowledge, we also have the expertise required to detect the cause of seepage and suggest the most appropriate and effective technique for dealing with the situation.

We offer waterproofing services and solutions at reasonable prices. Services offered by us includes foundation crack repair, basement wall crack repair, wet & leaky basement repair, mould removal, window well installation, water damage restoration and waterproofing Toronto properties, including residential and commercial.

The Procedure

Our workforce not only offers free estimates, but also visits the property in order to perform full basement inspection. During basement inspection, we aim to determine the issue and its actual cause. Once the issue and its cause are identified, our workforce suggests the most appropriate waterproofing and repair method that is required to deal with the situation. Aside from full basement inspection, we inspect additional parts of the property that might need repair and waterproofing.

After inspection, we discuss the suggested & needed waterproofing method with the property owners. Also, we inform them about the time duration, materials, number of technicians and outlay required to implement the method. We start implementing the method only after getting the approval and completing the required paperwork.

Effects, Signs and Common Causes of Wet Basement

Wet basements cause structural problems in homes. If left unrepaired for a long period of time, a wet basement fosters the growth of mould and mildew that could cause critical health problems and also causes damage to the foundation of the house. Mould in the underground room causes breathing problems as well as musty odour. Furthermore, moisture and water in the underground room causes harm to the drywall, carpeting, goods as well as furniture stored down there.

Signs of Damp Basement

Some of the visible indications of wet basement are stains on the underground room walls, damp spots on walls & floor, paint peeling off from wall, mould, rusting, corrosion and musty odour.

Some Causes

Wet basements are generally caused by leaks and cracks in the walls and floor.Furthermore, in case floor joints aren’t appropriately attached to the foundation wall, it could cause wall shifting and water seepage. In some cases, hydrostatic pressure causes the walls to crack or bow. Also, the pressure pushes water from the soil into the block or concrete via pores. Cracks in the underground room walls and floor are caused because of factors like hydrostatic pressure, expansion, shrinkage and settling. Formation of cracks takes place when rainwater or melted snow water seeps into the ground around the house, resulting in the soil around the house to expand.  When the weather conditions changes, the soil enlarges and shrinks, after that enlarges once more. That enlargement exerts a huge amount of pressure on the cellar foundation walls and floor, leading to the formation of cracks.

What to Do In These Situations?

It is necessary not to delay the basement crack repair work. Furthermore, it is essential to deal with such problems without ado. The solutions to such problems are basement waterproofing and crack injection repair. These solutions ensure that the underground room remains dry and protected.It is best to hire a waterproofing contractor, such as DryShield, for the reason that the company (DryShield) possess the knowledge, experience and tools to efficiently solve the above mentioned problems. Hiring a waterproofing contractor, like DryShield, will ensure that the cellar is comprehensively examined for water and moisture seepage issues. After cellar inspection, DryShield’s technicians formulate a plan of action and discuss it with the homeowner(s). Once the technicians get approval from the homeowner(s), they carry out the basement waterproofing technique and crack repair work. DryShield offers a wide-range of basement waterproofing and cracks repair solutions.

Having a wet basement? Here is the solution!

Basement flooding is the worst nightmare of every homeowner. The situation causes tension in dream as well as in reality. In most cases, water seepage in basement happens because of the structural condition of the underground room or some problem in the drainage system.

Water leakage in cellar also takes place because of holes and cracks in the underground room walls and floor. Holes and crevices are usually caused by the pressure from the expansive soil and external environment. If they are left unrepaired for a long time, the small crevices turn into large cracks that let the water, moisture and gases from outside in the cellar.

The Most Appropriate Solution

Regardless of the cause, the most effective way to direct the water from outside and put a stop to any leaks in the underground room walls and floor is basement waterproofing. This technique has been a prerequisite for homeowners who wish to avoid water logging from taking place in their basements.

Besides preventing leaks and floods, this technique makes sure that the underground room remains dry, clean and safe. The technique not only safeguards cellars and valuables and goods from water damage, but also safeguards the wellbeing of homeowners and tenants. Furthermore, there are two ways to carry out basement waterproofing – internally and externally.

The Types of Solution

Interior or internal basement waterproofing method is used to direct the flow of water and moisture from the outside, thus, putting a stop to the leaks in the underground room walls and flooring. In this method, a drainage system is installed on the walls and floor to channel the water underneath the floor into the weeping tile. Sealants are also applied on the walls and floor with the objective to keep water away from leaking into the cellar.

Exterior or external basement waterproofing method involves the application of bonded waterproofing membrane or substance to the outer walls of basement. Also, in this method, the underground room is shaped in such way that its floor incline towards the sump pump of the house.

Both techniques require expertise, knowledge, experience and tools that are efficiently operated only by the professional basement waterproofing contractors, such as DryShield. The technicians of DryShield specialize in carrying out internal as well as external basement waterproofing. They suggest the most effective sealing solution after carrying out complete cellar inspection.

DryShield is a professional waterproofing company with the more than 25 years of experience in damp proofing, crack repair and cellar waterproofing.

Most Convenient Way to Get Rid Of Dampness in Basement

Facing a wet basement can be a distressing incident for every homeowner. Nowadays it has become a widespread issue that many homeowners face recurrently. A good percentage of homes and properties have undergone through or are presently undergoing through the trouble of damp basement.Water and moisture get into the underground room through small holes, crevices, foundation cracks, basement wall & floor leaks, clogged pipes and ruptured walls, giving rise to mould, mildew, fungus, musty odour and causing the foundation to weaken. It is advised not to delay or overlook the basement repair tasks and take care of such problems without delay, prior to intensification of the issue as continuous exposure to water and moisture results in the growth of mould, mildew, fungus and brings destruction to the foundation and walls.

whatsapp-image-2018-01-03-at-9-45-23-pm-2Internal Waterproofing TorontoInternal Waterproofing Toronto

The Most Appropriate Solution The most convenient and effective solution to such issues is basement waterproofing which makes sure that the underground room continues to be dry, clean and watertight. It is highly recommended to hire a professional basement waterproofing company, such as DryShield, as the company has the necessary experience, knowledge and tools to efficiently resolve all the problems.  As stated earlier, DryShield is a specialized waterproofing company that operates in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. The company has been in the business for more than 25 years and has a proven track record of successfully waterproofing and damp proofing thousands of residential, commercial and industrial properties in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. The organization is known for its meticulousness and commitment to complete the waterproofing projects on time and on budget. DryShield has a team of highly skilled experts who are proficient in sealing or directing the source of moisture and water leak in basement.  The Specialization of Workforce The experts specialize in doing camera inspection of drains, unclogging clogged pipes, removing tree rot, accumulated filth and debris in drain pipe, installing drain pipes, backwater valve, weeping tile, sump pit & waterproofing membrane, repairing stress & hairline cracks in foundation, and carrying out the most appropriate basement waterproofing method. They use cutting-edge technology tools and devices for source identification of leakage and moisture seepage. After source identification, they carry out the plumbing, waterproofing and crack repair work required to stop the source from allowing water, moisture and gases into the basement. Thus, they are able to save basements from getting waterlogged, damp and unusable.