Basement Crack Injection and Repair:

Basement cracks have become a regular happening nowadays in old and new buildings. These basements show signs of water seepage through the cracks and leaks found in them. Some of the most common and probable reasons for house basement cracks and leaks are grading, poor drainage, settling of the soil around the basement area, or groundwater. In many cases, the damage occurring in the basement comes to light only after a major crack or water leak and wall movement happen. Hence, regular inspection of the basement area and maintenance is a necessity, particularly in older buildings. DryShield Water Solutions Corp, the largest waterproofing contractor in Canada, focuses on basement crack repairs and basement crack injections in commercial as well as residential buildings. Contact us today to help with your wet or cracked basement situation.

Types of Basement Crack:

Basement cracks can be horizontal, vertical or hairline cracks. Horizontal cracks are formed on the walls that are subjected to a pressure exerting laterally. These cracks occur in the center portion of the wall, and cause considerable structural damage, sometimes causing the wall to bulge or bow. Vertical cracks, on the other hand, are caused by the shrinking of concrete. The shrinking, maybe due to settlement happening in the area around the basement or could have happened during the curing of the concrete. The other type of crack mentioned above is the hairline crack, which does not threaten a potential structural damage but can be the points of water seepage.

Basement crack injection is the process of filling a basement crack to its full width and length. This basement crack repair provided by us is a permanent repair solution and need not be repeated in the future. DryShield with our state of the art technology, and our basement crack injection techniques, prevent further damages that could range from water seepage to surface corrosion. Our basement crack repair contractors are highly skilled and licensed. We are a fully insured waterproofing company with an untarnished reputation with 100% customer satisfaction records. Call us now at 1-800-277-5411 or obtain a free estimate using our online estimate tool.