Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks, in the foundations of your house, eventually arise and are unavoidable, with the forces of nature at play. Every building, commercial or residential, is bound to succumb to cracks and leaks, over the years. A crack in the foundation may be from the settling of the house or due to a serious structural damage. The key here is figuring the reason for your foundation to crack. DryShield is the largest, fully Canadian owned waterproofing company and foundation crack injection experts. Call us now for a methodical as well as a meticulous evaluation of your property. We provide you with an uncomplicated solution for your cracked foundation.

Our Approach to Cracked Foundations:

Let us give you a small peek on how our contractors decide on the perfect foundation crack repair solution for your house. Identifying the direction in which the crack runs, its placement, and size plays a major role in its repair. The foundation cracks usually run horizontally or vertically, it can be smooth, or accompanied by a bulge or slant at the walls. Many times these cracks widen and start leaking water from it. Horizontal cracks are more common in brick foundations and concrete blocks. They are often caused by shrinkage, due to extreme cold weathers, or due to the excess pressure exerted on the foundation by the surrounding wet soil. A foundation crack that is bulging is due to the sliding of the wall from its footing or from the stress exerted on it by a supporting wall. Full-length cracks are severe and need immediate attention. Sometimes cracks resembling a staircase are found along the mortar joints of the foundation. The severity of damage imposed by these step like cracks is proportional to their width. Most of the problems in foundations are caused due to moist soil or poor drainage. Determining the source or the cause of the foundation crack is as important as the repair procedure.

DryShield has been accredited as the best in the industry. We specialize in the cracked foundation repair and have worked on number buildings, commercial and residential, making us the expert in foundation repair, Toronto. Call us now at 1-800-277-5411, to speak to our experts. Also, try our free online cost estimate tool for a quick estimate.