Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation:

Wet crawl spaces with cold and uneven floors, where standing upright to inspect the problem are impossible- have you been in this scenario? When that dingy space smells of mold and moisture with a leaky spot hidden somewhere in it, it is time for you repair it. The crawl space in your house is the most potential ground for health hazards, due to a number of causes like poor air quality, the insects, and rodents crawling through space, rotting wood, perpetual moisture, mold, and mildew.

Crawl space encapsulation stops the moisture from leading to mold growth. It also reduces your bills, by not allowing the hot, damp air from the crawl space to move into your house, increasing the temperature. If not suitably encapsulated, the building materials become exposed and damaged. The ground gasses and moisture in these spaces may cause the floors to buckle or wrap. Moreover, the air in the crawl space constitutes for more than a quarter of the total air flowing through the house. Hence it is vital that a crawl space repair and maintenance takes place from time to time. DryShield Water Solutions Corp is one of the largest waterproofing companies in Canada. We specialize in crawl space encapsulation and many other waterproofing services. Our 25 years of industrial expertise and unparalleled customer satisfaction, are accolades to DryShield on our quality of work. Call us now for our expert advice.

Indicators of crawl space moisture:

  • Your crawl space always smells moldy, the air in it stuffy.
  • The floors in the area start to crack, buckle or wrap.
  • You start to notice a number of insects in your house, all of them possibly taking shelter in your crawl space.
  • You always find a layer of condensation on the surfaces of the pipes and fixtures in the crawl space.
  • The metal in the area begin rusting and the wood begins to rot.

If you notice any one of these signs, then contact us immediately. A neglected crawl space could be the source of heavy structural damage. DryShield offers you with economical, straightforward solutions, for our integrity is our priority. Call us now at 1-800-277-5411 for a proper inspection of your property and thorough estimation of costs. You can also make use of our free online estimate tool.