Window wells& Drainage Solutions:

A Window Well is dug outside a below-grade window, which is usually a basement window. The term ‘well’ we use here, basically defines the area outside the window that functions as a drain to water, retaining the dirt from it. A proper window well drainage means that the water collecting in it is properly drained out to the ground below. A fail-safe window well installation is when the water collected drains away efficiently. When this water starts to accumulate and rise in the well and begin to seep into the basements, a window well repair becomes necessary in your basement.

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What We Do?

Our contractors at DryShield know the importance of a properly installed and waterproofed window well. Waterproofing the well strengthens the foundation structures, by minimizing the hydrostatic pressure built up by the waters stagnating nearby. In buildings with window wells already installed, we remove clogs that hinder water seepage. Removal of the existing window well and excavating it towards the footing is one of the procedures, for repair of an existing well, we adopt. A flow test to the weeping tiles, at the footing, is necessary to ensure good drainage. In the case of a new window well installation, a clear path for water to drain properly is required. We install this new window well, with a vertical drain pipe, below the window still, with a minimum of six-inch difference between the well and the sill. The vertical drain pipe connects the well to the weeping tile.

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