Wet Basement Repairs & Solutions:

Waterproofing your basement is a great solution for damp, leaky and wet basements. It protects your house from water damage, thus increasing the property value in the market. DryShield Water Solutions Corp, accredited the best waterproofing company in the industry, are specialists in wet basement repairs. We are based in Toronto, and our contractors can give you a free inspection of your property, with repair solutions. We at DryShield guarantee to you being fully satisfied with our work. DryShield is fully insured and has a 25-year transferable policy on all waterproofing projects undertaken by us. Do not settle for less quality of work and service, call us today.

Why Basements Leak?

Wet basements, foundation leaks, and cracks are not restricted to only old buildings. Moisture content on the walls and surfaces in the basement, with water leaking into it, has become a common sight even in new buildings. When the basement of your house is excavated, the soil that backfills the foundation would be loose, compared to the surrounding ground, which remains undisturbed. This makes seepage of water easier through the loose soil, hence water collects faster in these soils. When the foundation walls are constructed and the ground is backfilled, this loose soil with a high amount of moisture is packed against the walls. As water accumulates in the soil over the years, it tries to seep into the foundation walls, causing them to age and deteriorate.

Wet Basement Check:

To stop your basement from leaking, you need to reduce the pressure built up in the soil surrounding it. Layers of waterproofing, protecting the walls, with a well-laid drainage system consisting of sump pumps and weeping tiles, is necessary. This system redirects the water away from the soils surrounding the foundations, thus allowing it to dry.

Right waterproofing methods are required to maintain your basement dry. DryShield’s methods of waterproofing involve covering the basement walls with sealers and protective coatings, weeping tiles and membranes. The sealers prevent the penetration of water in the walls, while the weeping tile prevents flooding of the basement during extreme weathers, by redirecting the water away from the foundation. We use the membranes as an external protective layer to prevent damages on the wall and also to keep the waterproofing undamaged.

It is important that a wet basement is repaired immediately. Moisture causes damage to all structure, concrete, timber, bricks etc. leading to structural damage eventually. Moreover, moisture over a period of time leads to mold formation on these surfaces. Mold is one of the major health hazards of a wet basement, due to its toxic nature. Some of the major waterproofing methods used by DryShield contractors are

Interior Waterproofing: A wet basement repair from the inside of the house is the interior waterproofing technique. Interior waterproofing is preferred in scenarios where external waterproofing would be ineffective. This method prevents water seepage into the basements from the outside. External excavation of the ground is not required. To know more about DryShield’s Interior Waterproofing service click here.

Foundation Crack Injection: Some of the other methods for wet basement repairs are window well installation, sump pumps, and foundation crack injection. Foundation cracks or tie rods are the major causes of dampness in the basement. The type of foundation of your house determines the foundation crack injection technique that we use. Only solid, poured concrete foundation cracks can be injected with the filling materials. Foundation made of bricks, field stones or cinder blocks have voids in them, and thus cannot be filled. To know more about DryShield’s Foundation Crack repair click here.

External Waterproofing: External waterproofing technique protects your basements and foundations from leaking, deterioration and cracking. This method of wet basement repair is employed when water seeps in through the walls. It requires an easy access to the source of the leak, and all obstacles along the sides of the foundations are removed. To know more about DryShield’s External Waterproofing service click here.

Sump Pumps or Sump Wells: Draining the excess of water out of the basement is important, for it prevents further damage to the house. An existing drainage system can be used by connecting it to a weeping tile, provided that it functions properly. Connecting an external drainage to a properly functioning internal one also helps drain the excess of water from the house. But, the drawback here is that if one system gets clogged, the entire network fails. So this is why we recommend an independent system to drain water that could be monitored by you. DryShield’s sump pumps are provided with water level indicators that notify you in the event of flooding of the pit or rise in the water levels.

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DryShield is an IICRC Certified waterproofing company in Toronto. We have 25 years of experience in this industry and have been listed as one of the best waterproofing companies in Canada. For any wet basement repair, call us at 1-800-277-5411 or use our free online waterproofing estimate tool.