Leaky Basement Repair

Although basements are essentially used as a storage space, it is important that it is maintained properly. A leaky basement in the home is often overlooked, and the consequences of this would be serious damage to the house. It is essential to check the walls of the basement for signs of moisture or mildew, regularly. A leaky basement does not always mean an unforeseen pool of water, sometimes the signs are subtle.
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Signs of a Leaky Basement:

Leaky basement repair is required because a small damage caused by the water or moisture in your basement, if not treated at once, could escalate severely. Some of the signs for a leaky basement are

  • Stains caused by water on the walls and floors of your basement.
  • The growth of mold and mildew on the surfaces. These are indicators of moisture content in the air, as they thrive only in damp and enclosed areas. Mold on the walls of your basement means a severe leaky basement problem, and the mold has to be removed immediately.
  • A musty, dank smell that is always prevailing in the air circulating through the basement.
  • Efflorescence or salt deposits, on the walls of the basement, due to the evaporation of water inside it.
  • Foundation and concrete cracks which are signs of heavy damage.

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