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Dryshield Water Solutions Corp. specializes in installing exterior waterproofing drainage systems designed to completely address foundation seepage issues. ---------------------- Hi, and welcome to DryShield Water Solutions' video on external waterproofing, and internal drainage systems. I'm going to walk you through how drainage systems function on existing foundations. The ground is excavated for installation of the foundation. Footings are poured, and foundation walls are installed. The floor is then installed on top of the footings. Originally, weeping tiles are installed at the bottom side of the footings. Typically, a damp-proof spray is applied, not a waterproof membrane, Excavated soil is then backfilled, however it is not as dense as the soil that was not excavated. When it rains or snow melts, water will find the excavated angle and travel back towards the bottom of the foundation. This is why weeping tiles are installed at the bottom side of the footings. Once the weepers clog, the water will begin to build on the outside of the foundation, causing hydrostatic pressure. Once the pressure builds, water will enter at the floor-wall joint, either from underneath or overtop of the footing. Over the past few decades , our research has allowed us to incorporate the highest level of waterproofing technologies and procedures to date. Let us show you how the external procedure is installed. The soil around the foundation is excavated. The weeping tiles are removed and the walls are cleaned. Small holes are drilled into the bottom blocks to remove any moisture in the wall. The walls and footings are coated by hand with the highest quality rubberized urethane. Polysheeting is applied, on top of the urethane, and dimple board is installed with steel brackets and a finishing strip. New weeping tiles, with a geotextile filter cloth and installed and connected to proper drainage. Three-quarter inch clear gravel is installed on top of the weepers to a minimum of one-foot depth. A geomembrane filter cloth is installed on top of the gravel. This will prevent the soil from clogging the system. Soil is then backfilled, and graded away from the foundation. With this installation, DryShield provides a full, 25-year transferrable warranty on all external waterproofing. Depending on the situation, a more cost-effective approach can be done form the inside. The latest technologies allow for proper, internal drainage systems. The key to water seepage is drainage - regardless if done from inside or out. Our internal process involves exposing the foundation to the concrete, and in some cases, the removal of drywall studs, insulation and flooring. The conrete is then broken, from 12-14 inches from the foundation wall. A trench is dug to expose the inside of the bottom footing. Weeping tiles are then installed, and graded towards the sump-pump. Three-quarter inch, clear gravel is intalled over the weepers. A waterproof membrance is then installed over the weeping tile, extending to the top of the foundation wall. New concrete is poured over the system, flushed with the existing slab. Our team at DryShield would like ot thank you for taking the time to watch our video. For more information, please continue reading our website (, or call use today at 1800-277-5411.

When it comes to foundation crack repairs, your DryShield professionals work efficiently, do it right, and restore your home to its pristine condition. Check out more about DryShield Water Solutions, one of the most trusted companies in Oshawa and the GTA.


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With over 25 plus years proven experience and IICRC certification, DryShield brings the knowledge and expertise to repair basements, create healthy livable places and increase the value of your home.


Across Oshawa, our waterproofing experts are trusted for setting exacting standards with their specialized knowledge in eliminating water accumulation in basements and ensuring dry environments


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Waterproofing Oshawa
Beatrix Smith

We were starting a huge basement Reno in January . The week of the start date we had a huge rainy weekend ind the GTA . As a result of this our basement had a lot of water damage .

Waterproofing Contractors Oshawa
Judith Sullivan

Jake and his crew did an excellent Job when they waterproofed our basement. They explained to my husband where and why our problem developed. The boys arrived with a small machine ready to work. They worked well as a team



Basement waterproofing is more than just merely preventing water or moisture entering a basement if the basement is below ground level. There is always a danger of water entering the structure through cracks and leaky walls. Water can build up around the basement, raising the water table and leading to severe hydrostatic water pressure. Waterproofing is vital to keep a basement from feeling damp and becoming infested with molds and wood-boring insects.

That all sounds like a lot to deal with, so it will be much less stressful and more time-efficient to hire in some professional basement waterproofing services provider. If the basement has not been treated with a basement waterproofing course, there can be a multitude of problems including damage to items stored in the basement.

Your defensive measure against basement flooding

Most cellars or basements suffer from some degree of damp, and there is much debate about the best solution to prevent or treat this issue. Not to mention, the risk of flood. Therefore, it is worth putting the time and money into bringing in basement waterproofing services.

The basement of a property may rarely be visited, but once moisture enters the structure of the building, it can have profound consequences. Hired basement waterproofing services will be instrumental in preventing and remedying these.

Mold and mildew spores also thrive in moisture, and this can cause health issues for anyone in the basement. They can even penetrate the upper levels of the building, creating respiratory problems that may exist with the inhabitants. Bringing in basement waterproofing services will ensure a prolonged defensive measure against these issues.

There is a multitude of reasons behind damp, which professional basement waterproofing services providers will be able to tackle. A very common cause is structural damage to the foundation walls. Basement waterproofing services will be able to detect and locate where the water enters the interior of the basement, then to check for cracks in the exterior wall.

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At DryShield Water Solutions, we also offer a Free Inspection to all interested clients.

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