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Exterior & Interior Basement Waterproofing

Dryshield Water Solutions Corp. specializes in installing exterior waterproofing drainage systems designed to completely address foundation seepage issues. ---------------------- Hi, and welcome to DryShield Water Solutions' video on external waterproofing, and internal drainage systems. I'm going to walk you through how drainage systems function on existing foundations. The ground is excavated for installation of the foundation. Footings are poured, and foundation walls are installed. The floor is then installed on top of the footings. Originally, weeping tiles are installed at the bottom side of the footings. Typically, a damp-proof spray is applied, not a waterproof membrane, Excavated soil is then backfilled, however it is not as dense as the soil that was not excavated. When it rains or snow melts, water will find the excavated angle and travel back towards the bottom of the foundation. This is why weeping tiles are installed at the bottom side of the footings. Once the weepers clog, the water will begin to build on the outside of the foundation, causing hydrostatic pressure. Once the pressure builds, water will enter at the floor-wall joint, either from underneath or overtop of the footing. Over the past few decades , our research has allowed us to incorporate the highest level of waterproofing technologies and procedures to date. Let us show you how the external procedure is installed. The soil around the foundation is excavated. The weeping tiles are removed and the walls are cleaned. Small holes are drilled into the bottom blocks to remove any moisture in the wall. The walls and footings are coated by hand with the highest quality rubberized urethane. Polysheeting is applied, on top of the urethane, and dimple board is installed with steel brackets and a finishing strip. New weeping tiles, with a geotextile filter cloth and installed and connected to proper drainage. Three-quarter inch clear gravel is installed on top of the weepers to a minimum of one-foot depth. A geomembrane filter cloth is installed on top of the gravel. This will prevent the soil from clogging the system. Soil is then backfilled, and graded away from the foundation. With this installation, DryShield provides a full, 25-year transferrable warranty on all external waterproofing. Depending on the situation, a more cost-effective approach can be done form the inside. The latest technologies allow for proper, internal drainage systems. The key to water seepage is drainage - regardless if done from inside or out. Our internal process involves exposing the foundation to the concrete, and in some cases, the removal of drywall studs, insulation and flooring. The conrete is then broken, from 12-14 inches from the foundation wall. A trench is dug to expose the inside of the bottom footing. Weeping tiles are then installed, and graded towards the sump-pump. Three-quarter inch, clear gravel is intalled over the weepers. A waterproof membrance is then installed over the weeping tile, extending to the top of the foundation wall. New concrete is poured over the system, flushed with the existing slab. Our team at DryShield would like ot thank you for taking the time to watch our video. For more information, please continue reading our website (, or call use today at 1800-277-5411.

At DryShield, our skilled and qualified contractors are known for their fair pricing and quality workmanship. It is no surprise why DryShield Water Solutions is one of the most dependable basement waterproofing companies in Scarborough and the entire GTA.


You can count on our qualified experts technicians to thoroughly inspect your property and offer a full estimation of costs. We will identify your needs and perform to your full satisfaction. We also offer you a complimentary inspection of your home.

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DryShield brings a rich experience of over 25 plus years in addition to IICRC certification. We bring the right expertise to fix foundations, repair basements and raise Your property’s value.


Scarborough residents trust our foundation repair specialists for their exacting standards and their
expertise in clearing water seepage and delivering healthy,
dry basements


You can take advantage of our complimentary Inspection to all interested clients. Simply check out our online tool for a quick FREE Quote to waterproof your basement and more.


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B Water table or stream
C Foundation Wall Crack
D Window well
E Floor Wall Joint
F Floor Drain
G Over top of Foundation wall
H Down stack / Sewer drain
I Sump Pump and Well
J Floor crack
K Foundation wall Seepage
L Benching
M Basement Underpinning
Waterproofing Scarborough
Jamie Conklin

The representative was very knowledgable and clearly went through the different options for waterproofing my 100 year old home in Toronto. It gave me confidence to work with the Dryshield team. The team were very efficient with the project and

Waterproofing Contractors Scarborough

Jonathan and Elvira took care of me and my basement issue. Great customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Basement Waterproofing Services in Scarborough

Have you considered basement waterproofing as one of the things that your home needs? You should probably do so because it is a game changer as far as a good home is concerned. Waterproofing the basement is more complicated than you think. Remember, there is something you need to know, especially if you are a resident of Scarborough. The following is what you should know as far as basement waterproofing services in Scarborough are concerned.

Dryshield; The Best Choice for Basement Waterproofing

The first thing that you should keep in your mind is that we are the best when it comes to basement waterproofing services in Scarborough. Your long search for basement waterproofing contractors Scarborough should now come to an end. Our services beat that of other basement waterproofing companies in Scarborough. You can only understand that if you let us work in your basement. It is best if you see it with your own eyes rather than just read and hear around. There is a lot that comes along with choosing to work with us.

Perks We Offer

  1. Affordable prices

Affordable prices are one of the benefits you will get if you choose to use us to fix your basement. When it comes to basement waterproofing cost Scarborough, we score highly. We have taken into consideration that people have different budgets. You will not suffer anymore if you have us work in your basement. At least you will get the opportunity of saving some coins here and there. Don’t you want that? There is no reason why you should pay exorbitant prices elsewhere for basement waterproofing services in Scarborough. Make up your mind and come for our fair offers.

  1. Skilled and qualified contractors

Our skilled and qualified contractors will always be ready for you. It feels good to have the right people work in your basement. The right people in this case means people with the right skills. Our contractors are the best as far as basement waterproofing contractors Scarborough are concerned. Nothing can ever go wrong in your basement when we are in charge. Our contractors don’t just rush to fix issues but do a thorough evaluation to find out what the real problem is. No need to work with people who just rush for the sake of finishing quickly and getting your money. With us, you will pay for what is worth it. Just imagine experiencing the right people on top of an affordable waterproofing basement cost Scarborough. You cannot afford to let this slip off your fingers.

  1. Top quality workmanship

Quality workmanship is yet another benefit you will get if you use us to fix your basement problems. The best basement waterproofing company Scarborough can never let you down when it comes to workmanship. We are committed to ensuring that our services are top-notch. After waterproofing your basement, you will like what you will see. We do not compromise the quality of what we offer because we know you deserve the best. If you search for basement waterproofing near me Scarborough, you will without a doubt find us. Yes, you’ll find us because we have the best Scarborough basement waterproofing contractors. You have every reason to trust us because we mean what we say. We’re not like other basement waterproofing companies in Scarborough who promise but don’t deliver.

  1. Complimentary inspection

A complimentary inspection of your home will also be added on top of what we’ve already offered. Where else can you go when all of these benefits are here waiting for you? We are always ready for any Scarborough basement waterproofing task. You can count on us for basement waterproofing Scarborough at any given time. For any queries regarding basement waterproofing old Scarborough, don’t hesitate to inquire from us.

Our Speciality

Basement waterproofing is of great importance to any home. As a homeowner, you have every reason to choose the right company that will do the right job for you. Don’t just go for any company you meet around. There are things you should consider first. Perhaps these are the things you will consider when looking for a basement waterproofing company Scarborough. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a basement waterproofing company are as follows:

  1. Experience and credentials

As you are busy looking for the best company to have your basement waterproofed, this is one of the things you need to consider. The experience and credentials of a particular basement waterproofing company are very important if you want your job done perfectly. Do not hesitate to ask about these two things when you want to hire a particular company. Let the company show you its credentials so you can know if it’s okay with you. Inquire more about their level of experience. Ask them to even show you pictures of work they have done in the past. 

This will of course help you to know if they are worth it or not. If you are satisfied with what they will show you, then you will proceed with them. Experience and credentials will determine the outcome of the basement waterproofing done in your For basement waterproofing in Scarborough, you can always count on us. We have exactly what you need and we will deliver the best. Don’t just sit there while you can contact one of the best basements. Don’t go for less. Make sure you pick the right company that will do a fantastic job for you. waterproofers Scarborough.

  1. Impeccable Track Record

Hearing what people say about a particular basement waterproofing company can also help you a great deal. You can know what people say about the company by checking references. You will have to go online and get to read the reviews by various clients who have used that particular company. If you get more positive reviews then you will know it is a company you can trust. If the clients have said bad things about the company then you’ll have no reason to choose it. 

Make sure you check properly and pay attention to everything the customers have said about the company. You can as well move around the community as you ask locals what they have to say. Ask those who have had basement problems like you and got that particular company to sort them out. Once you have gathered satisfactory reviews you can now make an informed choice regarding waterproofing your basement. If you’re still figuring it out, keep in mind that we’re the best basement waterproofing Scarborough Company. You can’t compare our services with what others offer. 

  1. Budget-Friendly

Looking at what companies charge for services will help you settle for the company that will help you fix basement problems. What you will have to do is to let contractors assess your basement. Through the assessment, they will be able to diagnose the problem in your basement. Once the assessment is over, they will now give you a financial estimate for the whole project. The financial estimate is what will determine the company you’ll use for waterproofing your basement. The company with the most affordable estimate is probably the one you will choose. 

As far as affordable services are concerned, you have no reason to panic. We are here and very ready to help you as far as Scarborough basement waterproofing is concerned. We are arguably one of the best basement waterproofing companies in Scarborough. If you want to experience affordable basement waterproofing cost Scarborough, you know how to find us. Don’t just keep asking about basement waterproofing Scarborough price when you just take your phone and make a call. We will always be a call away. The best basement waterproofing Scarborough lies in our hands. Take control while you can by inviting us.

  1. Time-Efficient

The time taken by a company to respond to a particular basement problem matters a lot. A company that responds quickly will always win the heart of the customer. Responding faster will help in combating the problem before it escalates into what you can’t be able to handle. A suitable company will of course send one of its experts to evaluate your basement. It is through this evaluation that the company will be able to estimate the time it will take to complete. 

The sooner the company starts fixing your basement problems the better. For any leaky basement waterproofing Scarborough, we are up to the task. We can authoritatively tell you that we’re the basement waterproofing company Scarborough you have been looking for. So don’t waste your time looking for who will sort you when it comes to wet basement waterproofing Scarborough.

  1. Licensed & Insured

For quality and fantastic waterproofing systems, a contractor has to be properly licensed. They should as well be properly bonded and insured. This is the only way that will guarantee you better results. If they don’t comply with that and you choose to use them, you could be staring at serious problems. So make sure you watch out for that. In this case, we are the right company for the job. 

We fully comply with everything and therefore basement waterproofing repairs Scarborough will never be a problem for any of our customers. For interior basement waterproofing Scarborough as well as exterior basement waterproofing Scarborough, we’re the right people you should call.


With much having been said regarding basement waterproofing services in Scarborough, it’s now upon you to take action. Make that step of calling us to have a look at your basement and come up with a solution. Fix your basement while you still have the opportunity to do so. We will be more than glad to do it for you. Let’s do business! You can call us toll-free at +1-800-277-5411 or send us an email at

Call the Basement Waterproofing experts at 1-800-277-5411 today.

Our qualified concrete-repair specialists can inspect your property and offer you a thorough estimation of costs. We understand your needs and can get the job done as quickly as possible.

At DryShield Water Solutions, we also offer a Free Inspection to all interested clients.

Check out our online estimate tool for a quick FREE Quote.

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