DryShield Water Solutions is the leading waterproofing contractors in Canada. We have set the benchmarks for basement waterproofing services in the Canadian market for more than two and a half decades, at present. DryShield has a rich page in the history of waterproofing services in Canada. We are a company solely owned and operated by Canadians and have strived and emerged as the front-runner in the industry, by our uncompromised quality of work and customer services, through all these years.

Our team of contractors at DryShield pride over our skill set and excellent quality of service. Our commitment to customers and our priority for their satisfaction in our work has been our mantra, the chant that resonates through all our projects, have carved each of our success stories. This policy where customer satisfaction takes precedence above all else has greatly contributed in DryShield being the leading foundation experts in Ontario.

Meet the Waterproofing Experts:

The DryShield team has always gone headlong with technological advancements in the industry. We have never shied away from techniques that could benefit our customers and help us in preserving the superiority of our work. DryShield Water Solutions are specialists in foundation waterproofing services, crack injections in concrete, mold remediation, and clearing crawl space contamination. We have an extensive array of basement waterproofing projects; and in each of these services, ranging from small scale houses to historic buildings across Toronto and Ontario, we have stamped our excellence. DryShield’s basement waterproofing Toronto has dealt with some of the largest corporate projects for waterproofing such as the Pearson International Airport, Scotia Bank, and Wal-Mart, to name a few, within the Greater Toronto area.

Our Policy:

DryShield’s has an unassuming and upfront corporate policy. Our phrase, The Truth Never Lies, reflects our conviction that the quality of our projects speaks volumes about our integrity and standard, as a company. And over the years, our customers have rewarded us with their trust and loyalty, the fundamentals on which DryShield has evolved. Our team of waterproofing contractors is constantly updating their skills, to familiarize with the industry’s latest and developing technologies, and also to provide customers with the best and the state-of-the-art waterproofing solutions, that are advanced in nature, and tailored exclusively to meet their demands.