Make sewage cleanup a high priority

There is nothing more unpleasant than a clogged drainage, isn’t it? A clogged drainage system is a result of many things right from natural disasters to any foreign body in the pathway of the sewage system. Most disasters will leave the city or state flooded and most of the times, it is the entire sewage system that gets affected.

Leave the clean-up to the experts

Considering that clogged sewage systems contain harmful bacteria and microbes, it is essential to clean it up before it poses a major threat to people’s well-being. Handling the cleanup activity all by yourself is risky as we you may not have the protective clothing that can protect you from the toxic substances.

This is where our contractors at DryShield can protect you from the epidemics. Our company is proficient at Sewage Cleanup as over the years we have acquired knowledge and we have the technology to handle the situation safely, by reducing the risk of contaminating the surrounding areas.

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Our qualified technicians can inspect your property thoroughly and offer you a thorough estimation of costs. We understand your needs and can get the job done as quickly as possible.

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DryShield Sewage Cleanup Toronto

Knowledge on Sewage Cleanup is essential when you aim to cleanup the environment. At DryShield our contractors are available almost the entire day and can come up with a solution in a short span of time. The entire area is cordoned off before they repair the sewage system. After fixing the system, they will sanitize the entire area so that the area is safe enough to live in.

In case the waste from the sewage has affected other parts of your house or office space, then our technicians will conduct a thorough examination of the furniture, walls, floors and the ceiling. They will clean it up and sanitize it so that it wouldn’t pose any health hazards.

DryShield Water Solutions – trusted for over 25 years across Canada. 

DryShield Water Solutions Corp is one of the largest waterproofing companies in Canada. Clients across the country trust us for our specialized sewage cleanup and many other waterproofing services. With over 25 years of industrial expertise we can precisely customize our solutions to your needs.