Concrete Crack Repair:

Cracks, in the foundations and on the concrete slabs, are a very common occurrence in any building, be it residential or commercial. Concrete cracks are not limited to only these areas of the building, but can also be found in the corners of a window, or branching over holes drilled for service lines, cables, and so on. A number of causes can be attributed to the development of cracks in your building’s concrete foundations. The reason could be improper construction, where the concrete was not mixed properly but with a high content of water in it. Not allocating enough curing time for the mixed concrete, and premature removal of concrete forms could have also had a major role causing cracks. Some of the other reasons that concrete cracks exist are due to the water surrounding it and a fill soil that is not properly compacted. Moisture around the foundations, hydrostatic pressure and a poor system of drainage are a few of the major concrete crack inducers.

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Our Method: Concrete Crack Injection

A thoroughly planned concrete crack repair procedure begins with finding the reason behind the cracks. Concrete cracks are usually the end result of heat expansion movements, the drying, or shrinking of these slabs placed on the walls and floors of your house’s foundations. These cracks are either horizontal or vertical and the courses in which they run help us determine the cause more clearly. For example, horizontal cracks are always almost caused due to the pressure build up on the opposite sides of the wall and are structural. This pressure may be the hydrostatic pressure or due to the continuous expansions and contractions of the surfaces due to extreme climates.

After a detailed inspection of your site, a careful diagnosis of the severity, and the extent of damage, our contractors devise a strategy for concrete crack repair specifically tailored to your home. Our contractors are highly skilled experts with many years of experience in concrete crack repair and concrete crack injection. This,combined with our state of the art technologies makes DryShield the number one crack injection contractor in the industry.