External Waterproofing Services

Does your basement smell musty or do you see water dripping from wet spots on the roof? These signs, however subtle or blatant, are highly indicative of the need for maintenance and proper repair. DryShield deciphers these warnings and styles a waterproofing solution best suited to meet your waterproofing needs.

External waterproofing stops seepage of water into your home. Hydrostatic pressure is a common cause. Due to the build up pressure, ground water seeps into cracks in the basement. This method of waterproofing has to be done externally to prevent water from penetrating the foundation. Contact us for DryShield’s External Waterproofing Solutions. We are the experts.

Know More About this Technique:

External basement waterproofing has a number of benefits:

  • The moldy smell in your basement can be easily removed, thus reducing all the allergic reactions accompanying it.
  • Waterproofing the foundation prevents the damage from spreading deeper into the house. Unchecked basement repair can cause leaky basements and harmful moisture builds up, on the walls and other surfaces. These conditions further aggravate the damage to the house and your belongings in the affected areas.

The structural strength is also increased with external basement waterproofing. It strengthens the foundations preventing sub-branches of cracks in the concrete and the shifting of the floors in the house.

Why DryShield?

Our DryShield certified contractors work tirelessly to protect your home from rain and flooding. We are highly skilled technicians and pride ourselves in continuing education; in order to keep pace with the latest and best waterproofing techniques.

Basement waterproofing is a lifetime investment; one that protects your home and its contents. DryShield gives you peace of mind, knowing your home is safeguarded by our 25-year transferrable warranty policy. To know more about our policies and services, call us at 1-800-277-5411. You can also calculate the cost of waterproofing your property using our free Online Estimate Tool.

Our Method:

We quickly get to the root of the problem with our simple and efficient method. The process requires excavation of the ground surrounding the foundation; replacing weeping tiles if necessary; and utilizing moisture proof rubberized urethane, which is the preferred cover over the foundation walls. Moreover, waterproof layers are laid to divert water into the weeping tiles and prevent the water from clogging. New drains and layers are installed in the area for additional protection. Our design focuses on reducing the hydrostatic pressure build up, thus preventing further water seepage.