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Knowledge on basement waterproofing is an essential for all home owners. Waterproofing protects your building from the dampness, leakage, and flooding, due to water seepage. Basement waterproofing saves your building from incurring further damages from water and moisture spreading to the other parts of the building.
DryShield offers the best basement waterproofing services in Toronto using our state of the art technology and advanced tailored waterproofing solutions, modeled to optimize your basement space and shield you from the various health hazards imposed by it.

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DryShield is the forerunner on innovative waterproofing solutions. Our FREE online estimate tool is a perfect example. This quoting tool lets you obtain a quote for your residential or commercial waterproofing project. This feature enables you to access our services online for free from anywhere at any time.

DryShield Basement Waterproofing Toronto

DryShield Water Solutions Corp are the specialists in basement waterproofing in the Greater Toronto area. Our services are extensive, ranging from interior and exterior waterproofing, to clearing flooded basements. Our services are custom made, differing from building to building, and is based on the source of damage, the structure of the building and many other factors. Our basement waterproofing services include solutions for Interior Waterproofing, Exterior Waterproofing, Sump pump and well installation, clearing Flooded Basements, installing Window Wells and all other wet basement repairs. Our waterproofing contractors work on both commercial as well as residential buildings.

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DryShield has an unparalleled record for customer satisfaction for more than 25 years. We are always ready to assist you. Call us at 1-800-277-5411 to know about our services, solutions or for a free basement waterproofing quote. You can also try our free online estimate tool.

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