Interior Waterproofing Services:

Let a wet basement trouble you no more! Living in a damp or wet basement is a serious health hazard and poses a grave danger to your home’s structural integrity. Moisture infusing through the walls and floors is a common problem; with an array of factors as its root cause. Waterproofing your basement is the only solution for getting rid of this excess moisture. DryShield Internal Waterproofing Services is proud to be counted among the best waterproofing contractors in Canada. Contact us to speak to our experts.

Internal Basement Waterproofing is a method to reduce moisture in your home. This technique is used when the source of dampness is from inside the house. Interior waterproofing is an essential process to convert a dark and musty basement into a habitable space.

When should the Interior Basement Waterproofing technique be implemented?

After thoroughly researching your building and the surrounding area,  DryShield’s team of professionals will determine the appropriate method of waterproofing; in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Internal basement waterproofing should be adopted when;

  • Accessibility to the area becomes a problem, where the exterior method cannot be implemented due to confinement or space issues.
  • The hydrostatic pressure is the root cause of the situation where water enters the house, under the footing.
  • Faced with an incomplete basement.
  • Interior waterproofing is the most economical procedure.
  • The interior floors and walls are easily accessible.

The Technique:

DryShield is the most acclaimed contractor for interior waterproofing in the Greater Toronto Area. Our primary focus is getting rid of the moisture existing in your basement. In order to accomplish this our contractors install various waterproofing barriers and make use of weeping tiles and drains.  We redirect the water to a nearby sump pump, along with a trench laid with gravel and weeping tiles.  Then we seal the foundation; making it water tight with a damp proof water board, and directing the moisture to a freshly improvised drainage system. Finally, concrete acts as the seal to the waterproof layer.

DryShield, with its latest advancements and smart solutions for interior waterproofing, provides our customers with unparalleled services. Our projects are provided with a 25-year transferable warranty, and we are fully insured. Call us now for a free estimate at 1-800-277-5411 or try our free online estimate tool.