Don’t let water leaks drain your home value.

Water damage is a major concern for every home owner as it can destroy the very structure of your building. Even if the damage is minor, it has the tendency to turn catastrophic within a short span of time. Timely water damage repair will lower the risks and help you to keep your house safe and at the same time, it will help you to maintain its market value.

Fix water damage in time and on budget with our experts

As soon as you spot a leakage, it is advisable to consult a water damage expert contractor who can offer you world class solutions to protect your beloved house. He or she will analyse the depth of the problem and come up with an estimation report to resolve the issue.

Free estimation tool

Across the Toronto area, DryShield restoration contractors offer  excellent water damage repair services with our advanced solutions. You can also make use of our free estimate tool to get a quote for your commercial or residential project. This feature will get you a rough estimate with which one can compare with several services across the nation and pick the best out of the lot. One can access our service online for free at any time from any part of the world.

DryShield Water Solutions – trusted for over 25 years across Canada.  

DryShield Water Solutions Corp is one of the largest waterproofing companies in Canada. Clients across the country trust us for our advanced water damage control and many other services. With over 25 years of expertise we can precisely customize our solutions to your needs.

When it comes to waterproofing and water damage repair, DryShield is simply the best in business. Our wide service ranges from finding the root cause of the issue to minimizing the risk.

Also, our repair services are tailor made according to the building, source of damage, structure of the building and the external factors that contribute to the problem.

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At DryShield, we put customer satisfaction before anything else. From offering you workable yet affordable solutions to treating the problem like our own, our technicians have years of experience that will fix your problem in no time. At DryShield, we opt to work on both commercial and residential buildings with our advanced equipment.

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