Solutions to Fix Wet and Leaky Basement

Basement leakages have been a common problem with most of the building structures. And the best solution for this problem is by fixing the underlying issue. You can know about the reason behind the leaky basement by asking professional basement leak repair contractors to thoroughly inspect the area. Once, you know the cause, you can go ahead with the solution. So, here are the most common strategies for keeping water out of the basement area.

  • Adding Gutter Extensions

The most common reason for basement leak repair is the water seeping through the walls and concrete foundation of the house. Therefore, the best way out is to avoid any water near the area or seal them properly as much as you can. Adding gutter extensions is simply one way to avoid dumping extra water near the foundation. If the downspouts are anywhere less than five feet from your home, then add extensions to dump the water away.

  • Plug Gaps

If the water is creeping in the walls because of plumbing pipes, then plug gaps is the best solution. Water dribbling in the basement via gaps and cracks around the pipe can be blocked using hydraulic cement. However, this method can only come handy if the problem is related to a single hole or small crack. And another downside of this method is that it is just a temporary solution.

  • Check for the Landscape

If you have added the extensions and eliminated any chances of water seeping through holes or cracks in the foundation wall, then the reason for leaky basement could be the slope of the ground. Normally, the house should sit at a heightened place with a slope with at least 6 inches over the space of 10 feet in all directions. But if the water isn’t draining away from the house can cause them to seep in the ground and cause a problem of leakage.