How to Spot Cracks Around your Home Early and Avoid Water Damage and Unnecessary Costly Repairs

Spotting foundational cracks and issues early can avoid big money and stress.  The structural integrity of your home directly depends on the durability of your foundation. Walls, windows, floors, doorways, and the roof all rely on the foundation for strength and support. All of which can quickly lead to costly repair bills once damaged. Leaving even minor cracks and leaks untreated, can turn into serious structural issues that compromise the value and overall health of your home.

There are obvious cracks anyone can see. Floor to ceiling wall cracks, usually in the basement. Concrete cracks on the outside of your home. Usually requiring a simple concrete crack injection or basement crack repair.  But other signs might not be so noticeable or easily spotted.

Over time if windows or doors which used to open and close seamlessly increasingly begin to stick or jam could be an indicator that your home may have damage you cannot easily spot and will require foundation crack repair. You may also notice subtle changes in your basement smell or increased humidity.  You also need to keep an eye out for unexpected water pooling, walls out of plumb, and uneven floors.

Any changes in the way your home reacts to precipitation, temperature changes, and especially aesthetic changes like bulges, cracks and so on should be assessed immediately.  Professional crack repairs and waterproofing can be the best line of defense against further or even complete structural damage.  Experts can assess your home and your needs, based on your blemishes and recommend the best option for protecting your home. Dryshield Waterproofing has over 25 years of industry experience offering the highest standard in waterproofing technology, methods, and materials for your interior & exterior waterproofing, concrete injection-sealing and foundation crack repair.