Effects, Signs and Common Causes of Wet Basement

Wet basements cause structural problems in homes. If left unrepaired for a long period of time, a wet basement fosters the growth of mould and mildew that could cause critical health problems and also causes damage to the foundation of the house. Mould in the underground room causes breathing problems as well as musty odour. Furthermore, moisture and water in the underground room causes harm to the drywall, carpeting, goods as well as furniture stored down there.

Signs of Damp Basement

Some of the visible indications of wet basement are stains on the underground room walls, damp spots on walls & floor, paint peeling off from wall, mould, rusting, corrosion and musty odour.

Some Causes

Wet basements are generally caused by leaks and cracks in the walls and floor.Furthermore, in case floor joints aren’t appropriately attached to the foundation wall, it could cause wall shifting and water seepage. In some cases, hydrostatic pressure causes the walls to crack or bow. Also, the pressure pushes water from the soil into the block or concrete via pores. Cracks in the underground room walls and floor are caused because of factors like hydrostatic pressure, expansion, shrinkage and settling. Formation of cracks takes place when rainwater or melted snow water seeps into the ground around the house, resulting in the soil around the house to expand.  When the weather conditions changes, the soil enlarges and shrinks, after that enlarges once more. That enlargement exerts a huge amount of pressure on the cellar foundation walls and floor, leading to the formation of cracks.

What to Do In These Situations?

It is necessary not to delay the basement crack repair work. Furthermore, it is essential to deal with such problems without ado. The solutions to such problems are basement waterproofing and crack injection repair. These solutions ensure that the underground room remains dry and protected.It is best to hire a waterproofing contractor, such as DryShield, for the reason that the company (DryShield) possess the knowledge, experience and tools to efficiently solve the above mentioned problems. Hiring a waterproofing contractor, like DryShield, will ensure that the cellar is comprehensively examined for water and moisture seepage issues. After cellar inspection, DryShield’s technicians formulate a plan of action and discuss it with the homeowner(s). Once the technicians get approval from the homeowner(s), they carry out the basement waterproofing technique and crack repair work. DryShield offers a wide-range of basement waterproofing and cracks repair solutions.