Having a wet basement? Here is the solution!

Basement flooding is the worst nightmare of every homeowner. The situation causes tension in dream as well as in reality. In most cases, water seepage in basement happens because of the structural condition of the underground room or some problem in the drainage system.

Water leakage in cellar also takes place because of holes and cracks in the underground room walls and floor. Holes and crevices are usually caused by the pressure from the expansive soil and external environment. If they are left unrepaired for a long time, the small crevices turn into large cracks that let the water, moisture and gases from outside in the cellar.

The Most Appropriate Solution

Regardless of the cause, the most effective way to direct the water from outside and put a stop to any leaks in the underground room walls and floor is basement waterproofing. This technique has been a prerequisite for homeowners who wish to avoid water logging from taking place in their basements.

Besides preventing leaks and floods, this technique makes sure that the underground room remains dry, clean and safe. The technique not only safeguards cellars and valuables and goods from water damage, but also safeguards the wellbeing of homeowners and tenants. Furthermore, there are two ways to carry out basement waterproofing – internally and externally.

The Types of Solution

Interior or internal basement waterproofing method is used to direct the flow of water and moisture from the outside, thus, putting a stop to the leaks in the underground room walls and flooring. In this method, a drainage system is installed on the walls and floor to channel the water underneath the floor into the weeping tile. Sealants are also applied on the walls and floor with the objective to keep water away from leaking into the cellar.

Exterior or external basement waterproofing method involves the application of bonded waterproofing membrane or substance to the outer walls of basement. Also, in this method, the underground room is shaped in such way that its floor incline towards the sump pump of the house.

Both techniques require expertise, knowledge, experience and tools that are efficiently operated only by the professional basement waterproofing contractors, such as DryShield. The technicians of DryShield specialize in carrying out internal as well as external basement waterproofing. They suggest the most effective sealing solution after carrying out complete cellar inspection.

DryShield is a professional waterproofing company with the more than 25 years of experience in damp proofing, crack repair and cellar waterproofing.