Wet Basements Even in Winter? YES!

A common misunderstanding is that basements are safer from water damage in the winter due to less rain and humidity.  Unfortunately, this is not the case, winter poses just as much of a threat on your basement, if not more, than the summer.

Eavestroughs and downspouts are well designed to carry rainwater away from your roof and home.  Specifically. They aren’t always built or designed with Ontario winter’s and heavy snowfalls in mind.  Especially here in the GTHA where gallons of water can accumulate from heavy snowfall which will weigh down your eavestrough and lead to heavy leaking when the snow begins to melt.  If your eavestroughs are not reinforced or positioned properly to carry the water far enough away from your house it can lead to a very wet basement.

The same rules go for heaps of snow built up around the foundation of your house and window wells. Shovelling snow off to the side of your driveway to make way for your car can cause big trouble once the snow begins to melt. That water will need somewhere to go, and your basement may be the perfect landlord.

Additionally to what is going on outside – in the winter we tend to drastically increase the temperature of our homes.  Basements, being colder by nature, tend to get the benefit of a ‘cranked’ thermostat for more comfort. This increased temperature not only heats the air in the room, it carries through the walls and even into the foundation.  This warmth will actually attract the snow and ice outside into the heat, and into your basement.

It is always best practice to clear snow away from the house.  From driveways, pathways and back porches, etc. From window sills, window wells and if you have access in the winter, eavestroughs and ledges around your roof and home.

Most modern homes, due to City of Toronto or other municipality building codes, have moisture barriers.  But if your home is older, which Toronto is home to many, you may not have all the protection your basement needs.  If you have the misfortune of already finding moisture build up in your basement, or if you are unsure of your home’s moisture barriers, call a wet basement expert today. Dryshield Waterproofing has over 25 years of industry experience offering the highest standard in waterproofing technology, methods and materials for your interior & exterior waterproofing, concrete injection-sealing and foundation crack repair.