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DryShield Water Solutions is one of the largest waterproofing contractors in Orillia. We have set the benchmarks for wet basement waterproofing services in the Canadian market for more than two and a half decades, at present. DryShield has a rich page in the history of waterproofing services in Orillia. We are a company solely owned and operated by Canadians and have strived and emerged as the front-runner in the industry, by our uncompromised quality of work and customer services, through all these years. Our team of contractors at DryShield pride over our skill set and excellent quality of service. Our commitment to customers and our priority for their satisfaction in our work has been our mantra, the chant that resonates through all our projects, have carved each of our success stories. This policy where customer satisfaction takes precedence above all else has greatly contributed in DryShield being the leading foundation experts in Orillia.


Waterproofing Services

Waterproof and protect your home and office, with one of Canada's largest waterproofing companies, DryShield Water Solutions, expert waterproofing contractors in Orillia.


Experience & Expertise

With more than 25 years of industrial expertise, DryShield Water Solutions is IICRC certified, and has been the benchmark for standards for waterproofing contractors…


Online Quotes

A hassle free solution finder for your basement problems. Our online cost estimate tool gives you an instant quote for your home or office's waterproofing.




A Clogged or Broken Weeping Tile
B Water table or stream
C Foundation Wall Crack
D Window well
E Floor Wall Joint
F Floor Drain
G Over top of Foundation wall
H Down stack / Sewer drain
I Sump Pump and Well
J Floor crack
K Foundation wall Seepage
L Benching
M Underpinning
Internal Waterproofing
External Waterproofing
External Waterproofing
Sump Pump Installation
Sump Pump Installation
Well Installation
Well Installation
Basement Waterproofing
Basement Waterproofing
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Wet Basement Orillia

The service at Dryshield was incredible. From the first time we met with Chris we knew we were in good hands. All of the guys who came to do the work were very polite, respectful and hard-workers! They did a fantastic job. They were very punctual and did a quality job. Any questions or concerns were addressed quickly and efficiently. A great company. I would highly recommend them.

Pat Overholt.


Wet Basement Orillia

The work was neatly done and the technician explained what was going to be done clearly and answered all questions about the finished product. The technician was courteous. The price was reasonable.


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